​​​​​​​Company                               : ALTINKILIÇLAR KAHVE KAKAO

Solution Partner                    : Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri

Project Name                        : Office 365 Project

The Office 365 transition project, which is realized through the partnership of Kahve Dünyası and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, has been successfully completed.​



The Kahve Dünyası opened its first store in Eminönü in 2004. Thanks to the customer-oriented approach, gentle reception that reflects Turkish hospitality, service understanding and culinary culture, it became a brand in a short period of time that people are encouraged by means of word-of-mouth publicity.

Since its establishment, it has shown a rapid growth trend and today it serves in many provinces of Turkey, England and Romania. The operations in these countries are carried out by the company itself, not by dealerships. Only franchise is given in Arabian Countries through Master franchise. These sales points are gathered in 3 main categories as store, corner and subway kiosks. As of June 2017, the company serves customers at a total of 200 sales points.


         - Reducing the administrative and maintenance cost of growing infrastructure needs in line with the developing structure of the company,

            - Reduction of effort and cost for redundancy and disaster scenarios,

          - The use of Exchange and Skype for Business allows disk space to be used more efficiently by ensuring that data that is heavily burdened on server disks is moved to the cloud,

            - Eliminate problems with email service caused by insufficient capacity


Kahve Dünyası Information Systems Manager Ebru Sonay Boriş, Information Systems Officer Atınç Güldelen and BS team held meetings together to identify problems in existing Exchange and Skype for Business structures in order to make the system more stable. It was aimed to reduce the costs of establishing such a structure, along with ensuring that the communication provided by Exchange and Skype for Business continued 7x24 seamlessly. In addition, all devices required a system that could automatically perform supported updates or upgrades. The administrative and backup processes of the internally hosted Exchange and Skype for Business servers both created extra costs and reduced productivity as an obstacle to the IT team's time management.

As a result of the negotiations and evaluations, the Kahve Dünyası decided to use Office 365 technology to provide communication and information flow, including all of its’ stores scattered throughout Turkey.

Exchange and Skype for Business, based inside the Kahve Dünyası, were transferred to Office 365 via Cutover Migration. In this way, the “on premise” structure that created difficulties in terms of administrative and stable work, were completely abandoned.



At the end of the project we have done with the Kahve Dünyası, users will have access to 50GB capacity mails from their mobile phones, tablets in every place with internet, as well as they have full accessibility to all their past e-mails. Reporting interface which is a practical and successful interface and mail archiving of Office 365 is also started to be used. The e-mail management for the IT team became easier thanks to Exchange's easy-to-manage console, which can be accessed from any internet location. The satisfaction of mail archiving is also emphasized by the company.  The e-mails, which users deliberately or unintentionally delete, can now be retrieved by a single move. The threats and security risks that may occur on the mail system had been optimized. The IT team of Kahve Dünyası has the confidence to know the practicality of managing services such as Exchange and Skype for Business in one screen, and that Microsoft engineers can quickly support them about any problem.​