You are powerful as much as your differences.Today, only and only, those who manage the information can survive.

Datasoft software is very proud of offering to the service of you, our valuable companies, the KOBIPACK, which can be flexible-defined, enabling work opportunity with or without branch, with fully parametric Window-compatible user interface and flexible integration by considering the current and future development of the companies undertaking a mission in production and export and dealing with commerce.

With its knowledge of 20 years, experience and strength of distributor/reseller network across country, Datasoft Software introduces the KOBIPACK solution in order to;

Meet business needs of SMEs who are driving power behind our country as well as their needs in production/supply/order/sales in fierce competition environment,

Answer the requirement for multiple foreign currency usage in transaction in globalizing world with actual foreign currency follow-up,

Maintain the inventory turnover rate to be at maximum levels by enabling fast and easy access to the inventor-in-hand on the branch, warehouse basis and therefore to lead up maintaining price competition in today's business world, where brand-development and branch-chaining are an important strategy.

The new features that KOBIPACK will provide you;

* Thanks to Branch Follow-Up, 999 branches can be defined under a mother company. With common-shared inventory cards across all branches, your customers can be followed up on the branch basis, so all your transactions become easier.

* For the jobs carried out by branches towards head quarter and other branches, a copy (cross-copy) of the document generated by branch for which job is performed.

* It is possible to eliminate the chaos that may occur while carrying out consolidation by automatic insertion of the relevant branch code to each card and document in all cards, documents and transactions.

* Within the authorization limits, by viewing all reports together or on the branch basis, integration of all branch transactions (on the branch basis or general) to one accoounting company can be performed easily.

* With current foreign currency follow-up, three different currency unit can be defined from the main currency for each current card. By recording documents as debt or credit in selected currency unit in the same current card, it is possible to follow up actually the debt-credit transactions in three different currency unit, in addition to main currency unit.

* Collected currency unit can be different than current currency unit to be transacted (Such as TRL or USD collection against debt in EUR).

* Inventory purchase and sales prices can be followed in different currency units. 

* Single selection of the features to be used on the company basis.

* Single selection of which user definitions will be used for document data entry, document lists, document forms, list and movements of cards, vouchers' information, list and forms, change of definition code when in the relevant section when required.

* Definition of very different and featured payment plans and use of these plans on the document basis during document editing.

* Definition of collection methods of different credit card of various bank POS's.

* Ability of relevant form definitions with document prints in a very short time by using background file.

* Enabling user to define all document types of purchase and sales transactions at desired amounts and as including the certain features and use of different integration options according to these documents.

* In the same inventory card, price entry at unlimited amount according to purchaser groups or automatic generation of proportional prices, automatic definition of inventory sales price by looking at purchaser's code during document issue.

* Following up many operations through one screen.

* By using matching number, following up payables and receivables collected or to be collected.

* Easier follow-up of current transactions without returning to the agreed transactions by using account closing date.

* Use of many features concerning mail-order such as collection, installment collection, collection of due installments.

* Simple and practical installment follow-up.

Software Pack Contents:

KOBIPack Basis: Inventory, Cash, Invoice, Delivery Note, Producer, Self-employment Receipt, Banks, Checks, Bills, Bank Transfer, Mail-Order Collection, Actual Foreign Currency Follow-up, Collective Invoice Generation

KOBIPack Median: KOBIPack Basis + General Accounting + Integration KOBIPack Apex: KOBIPack Median + Personnel Payroll + Fixture/Amortization