Kültür University Success Story



Transition period of Kültür University to Identity Management System realized by the partnership of Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri has finalized successfully. In order to satisfy the needs appearing as a consequence of the developments in their education network and corporate axis since their foundation, Kültür University, which commenced to search for products meeting these needs, chose IBM Security Identity and Access Manager(IAM) and for the project they chose Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri.

Talking about the process realized together with BBS, Ender Ekici, Head of Information Systems and Technologies Departman, said “Management of student and administrative accounts from one center was one of our most important needs emerging in our development process. Another important article specified under the stated needs was that users could use services of password renewal and reminder as ‘self service’. We thought that creating one account in a central system instead of creating and managing accounts for many different services would be much more effective in terms of time and productivity. Our need for Identity Management software began at that point.”

At the end of the project, about the contributions of BBS to Kültür University Ekici said “IBM Security Identity and Access Manager (IAM) enables all services requiring basically user accounts to be managed by a central system. In the old structure in the data creating the user accounts, there were some deficiencies or inconsistencies but in the new system this problem was solved. Another convenience that IAM provided us is authorization. With IAM providing user profile opportunity, it is possible to specify who is able to reach which service and to what extent. One of the other advantages of IAM is that it provides our user with the opportunity of only one password and one username for present and future information solutions.”

For Kültür University identity and access management project, Oktay Şükür, Business Development Manager of BBS responsible for developing sales of IBM software products, said “It is a quite significant project for BBS in terms of being a compatible example of Customer-Solution partnership and continuity of customer satisfaction with the completion of SAP integration in the 2nd phase. IBM Security Identity and Access Manager product is a solution necessary and value-adding for agency and institutions which have many systems or many users of the systems or for agency and institutions where security is at the forefront or which is required to be audit for quality management. This project serves as a model for other educational institutions.” Corporate Sales Manager Armağan Temur, who is responsible from education sector in BBS said, “We have worked excitedly from the day we heard Kültür University’s transition project to Identity Management System until the day we realized the sales. We are both proud of and happy for having provided a significant benefit at the end of the project. We think that our successful project will be a model for the other universities in the education sector.​