Maintenance Agreements


We are here to be your sole authority in all subjects of your system!

To maintain the management of your system free of problem or solving your problems in time is the best way to be secure 365 days. Knowing that fast and quality service has an utmost important, BBS Technical Support Department serves with its professional technical staff trained with necessary education. We carry out periodical controls of the corporate systems and in case of incidents, provide 24/7 support to remove the problem by intervening within the time slots guaranteed. We become the sole authority in all issues related with your system with the Maintenance Agreement that we signed under this framework. Regardless of the size of your information system, BBS Technical Support Department meets your any technical support need.

Basically, there are two types of maintenance agreement provided by BBS;

Unlimited Support Agreement; the support service, where your need is fulfilled without any call limit by determining annual number of maintenances of your information system.

Per-Incident Support Agreement; the support service where your need is fulfilled based on a pre-agreed number of service calls as per year. In case pre-agreed service calls are exceeded, then additional services provided are invoiced over the standard service prices with a discount.