Netcell Success Story


Overflow: Hidden No MoreIn the previous days, Netcell’s transition project to CRM was finalized successfully with the partnership of BBS. Netcell, strategic partner of Turkcell which is Turkey’s biggest and reputable GSM operator, within the project carried out with the business partnership of Turkcell and HP, pointed out that they needed CRM system in order to perform customer sales, payment and supply processes with higher performance and in a correct way and in order to communicate with customers better and they also pointed out that by considering the previous projects with BBS they chose BBS in terms of both cost and support. Thanks to the beneficial information coming from BBS, a business plan was formed and it started. On Netcell side, CRM process phases were detailed by gathering of the the people in charge of the project and it was shared with BBS officials. As a result of the detailed analysis made by BBS, “Business Flow Schema” was prepared.

In this project realized by BBS, operations done and to be done, decision made, changes wanted were reported by BBS and Netcell during the process every day. As process progressed, it came to test phases and as a result of detailed alpha and beta tests, Netcell put the project into practice.