Network Monitoring Services

 Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri provides the customers it's been working with according to the 26-year system integrator, with 7x24 Network Monitoring Services in order to facilitate the management of their company IT infrastructure. 

For the installation of necessary infrastructure and organization of the monitoring personnel are carried put within BBS, 7x24 Network Monitoring Service is offered to you in high quality. 

Our BBS Network Monitoring Team instantly monitors the data system and network infrastructures. Our customers are immediately notified when necessary (e.g. in case of performance loss, failure and problems). 

Moreover, our team takes any necessary actions in a short time and helps you maintain your IT systems and your company's business continuity. ​

• Firewall, Router, Switch, Access point, server, virtualization, applications and services in your IT infrastructure are monitored by BBS Network Monitoring Team. 

• Our expert BBS NOC team monitors your network components, internet connections and performance values for 7x24 by customizing the monitoring systems for you. 

• You can contact BBS NOC team via e-mail or by phone.

 • Our BBS Network Monitoring Services offer a proactive approach to your network, systems and services with 7x24 or 5x8 monitoring options.