New Products In Cisco Unified Communications Solution

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri provides an opportunity for the companies to be more agile and more faster and a chance to communicate with more efficient costs with the services it offers in Unified Communication Solution.Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri that uses Cisco Unified Communication Solutions designed for the communication needs for companies from all scales and providing more efficient communication provides companies with productivity with its audio, data and video product and applications and IP Communication packages. These solutions enable companies to work more efficiently in the fast business processes of today by integrating the communication systems of companies with their IT infrastructures.







Cisco Unified Communications which is an expansion of the Cisco Service Based Network Architecture is an open and flexible platform for real time communication. This system enables staff to quick access to correct resources by using IT information network as service distributor platform.

Cisco Unified Communications integrates audio, image and data communication on a single system besides IP based telephony services. This is also the first Cisco solution supporting SONA (Service Oriented Network Architecture) which was announced by Cisco at the end of previous year. SONA is a network architectural approach to create new business opportunities for companies in which application, process and resources are re-implemented. Cisco Unified Communications solution structured on this architecture simplifies the daily flow of business life thanks to smartness that it creates on the network.

In the base of Unified Communication Solutions of Bilgi Birikim Sistemler, there lies Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity, Cisco Meeting Place and new products, applications and features added to Cisco IP Contact Center all of which belong to Cisco’s IP Communication portfolio.

New products in Cisco Unified Communication Solution:

• Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

• Cisco Unified Presence Server

• Customer Interaction Analyzer

These new products can be added to Cisco IP Communication users systems.