Okan Universty Success Story


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One of the youngest and dynamic universities of Turkey, Okan University is officially founded in 1999 by Okan Culture, Education and Sports Foundation and starts its education in 2003-2004 academic year. Fast growing university moved in new and modern Akfırat Campus as of 2006-2007 academic year. True to its motto, "The University Closest to Business Life," Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing academic staff members who are experts in their own fields, adopting a contemporary approach to education, and focusing upon practice-oriented studies which prepare the students for business life, starting from students’ very first year of study.

Targeting to establish a bridge between academy and business world, Okan University enables students to work in companies under the scope of Preparation to Business Life Program, starting very first year of their studies. Therefore, students familiarize business life and by associating theory and practice, they leverage their knowledge and skills as well as get motivated. Certificate of Attendance is granted to the students who completes the program successfully and when they graduate, the certificates concerning work experience also added to their diplomas.

Okan University mainly meets its IT needs from HP. As server, Proliant DL and ML Series are used and in PCs accessing these servers, ultra-slim desktops such as dx2390, dx2300 and dc7100, and slim clients such as t5000. The HP products purchased in the first project have been running free of problem for around 5 years. Okan University prefers HP since its devices are robust and stable, full-support from HP and reliability of brand quality. Problem-free support is taken in case of any failure, and upgrade or part replacement is performed in the systems easily. After the process started with dc7100 Ultra-slim Desktop for the first time, satisfied with this product, Okan University says that “we can conveniently run any kind of part as plug and play in a case architecture without any nut.

''‘With Fibre Channel data storage network, we can manage and extent the data of servers which handle our applications which process high workloads and we manage our backups from single point more conveniently.’ ''

Okan University IT Manager Celil Çakmak;

'' We just started the application uses, but after commissioning of products, our system is improved to a great extent. We use the PCs for daily works of users and educational purposes in the laboratory. We use 80% of the printers in the school over the network. With Fibre Channel data storage network, we can manage and extent the data of servers which handle our applications which process high workloads and we manage our backups from single point more conveniently.’ ‘By collaborating with HP and his gold preferred business partner Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, we made the right investments for system enhancement and resource utilizations 24x7. Server-based central structure is installed. As long as number of users increased, we added new products to the current structure. When Fine Arts Faculty needed systems requiring high graphic processing, we meet it with HP Workstation xw6600 products. When Hasanpaşa Vocational School is established, we purchased a total of 105 desktops, 18 notebooks, 11 network-connected printer, 27 workstations and 4 servers, 1 tape automatic backup unit. In the future projects and product procurements, we also think to continue the collaboration with HP. ''


To establish a robust and stable IT infrastructure

To minimize the data flow in the networks by accessing data over the server

To centralize data storage and automate backup

To facilitate and ease accession to the servers

To make practical and facilitate the print-outs

To save spaces on the desks by using small volume products


Capability of support-taking from single point for all products

Working with an expert business partner

To be able to automate IT Management and manageability with less labor force


Diversity in slim client products

Possessing the most common support in PC products

World leadership in industry standard servers and contemplation of any kind of details

Centralized easy management in all systems

High print and ink quality


24 x 7 support is provided with the collaboration with HP and his business partner Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri. 

Realization of system upgrade and component replacement conveniently.

Solution with HP products with systems requiring special capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Career Center within Okan University has been conducting its follow of students, graduates and its cooperative firms on CRM. Integration with student system was provided so that student information can be up-to-date. Thanks to open-to-internet Portal system which was developed in a way to work with CRM system infrastructure, students and graduates are able to leave their CVs, see available job postings, apply the job postings, search for jobs according to criteria.

The firms collaborated can see and evaluate the applications and information of the applicants with the user name and password given to them. Thanks to CRM Campaign management module, they can do approval processes of events and organizations conducted and follow their expenses. Feedback about the organizations and participant information can also be entered on CRM and can be reported.