Outsourcing Services


We provide the IT services required by Corporations in their houses!

A service provided in order to ease the IT works of its clients by Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri as a system integrator. It is the positioning of human resources provided with either our current staff selected according to their knowledge nd experience in the field and equipped with qualifications approved by your company or a new staff conforming to the company which purchases outsourcing service. Service continuity is maintained by subjecting them to, if necessary, technical trainings, auditing them with control mechanism in order to increase their job quality and provision of necessary support by BBS, when they need.

Advantages of Outsourcing Service

* Provides Solutions to Your Problems And Requirements.

* Decreases IT Costs.

* Increases the Efficiency and Performance.

* Provides Know-How to Companies without or with insufficient IT Personnel

* Shortens the Troubleshooting and Project Deployment Processes.

* Sustains More Effective Disposal of Resources.​