Remote Access Security (Remote VPN Site - To Site VPN,SSL VPN)

Many corporates have staff working at geographically different locations and fields. Connecting these locations and staff always to central office as point-to-point is difficult due to its cost and infrastructure issues. Therefore, there has been a need for secure connections of offices and staff. To meet this need virtual private networks carrying the encrypted data on the Internet have developed. VPN connections can be established via VPN software (VPN client) installed on a personal computer or between two locations. Due to increasing cost of VPN software installed on the computer, web based VPN solutions (SSL VPN) have been developed. BBS designs point to point VPN, remote VPN and SSL VPN solutions according to customer’s needs. BBS positions Cisco, Microsoft ISA, Fortigate, Juniper, Linux based firewall,Checkpoint solutions into its projects.​​​​