SIEM Monitoring Services

What is SOC?​

The development of new technologies every day all around the world emphasizes both IT (Information Technologies) and information security.

There are subjects or activities that appeal to every age group with unlimited, efficient and comfortable use of technology resources.

But how safe are we in this vast world? 

Do we have security concerns while freely watching movies, playing games online, moving surfing sites on the web?  At this point, the BBS Cyber Security Department offers solutions that eliminate your security concerns. We provide our valued customers with cyber security services through the Safety Monitoring Center, particularly for sectors with critical systems, energy, communication, finance, transportation, production facilities, etc., which become an easy target.

BBS Cyber Security Services  


Cyber Security incidents association and reporting 

· Compliance with legal processes

 · ITIL Compliant Service

· Compliance with international standards (NIST, PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOX, ...)

· Security incidents

· Information Security GAP Analysis

· Vulnerability Analysis

· Penetration Test

· Log Management

· Support for Correlation Rules

· SIEM Management

· Application Security Code Analysis

·Security Analysis

·Proactive 24x7 Cyber Security Event Monitoring (SOC)

· Brand protection

​· Expert Technical Staff

· Ensuring Business Continuity 


What is Security Monitoring Center?


 It is the central unit carrying out all cyber security-related operations. We maintain and ensure your safety with our 7/24 or 5/8 services. 


According to your company, We install SOC Centers and train your staff upon request.  We design your commissioning processes in accordance with international standards.  Alternatively, you can benefit from our 24/7 monitoring and intervention services thanks to our expert staff within the scope of BBS SOC Services without making new investments.​