Server Virtulazation

​​Before the development of virtualization technologies, recommendation of software vendors was to use different physical server for each role (e-mail server, database server etc.) and that recommendation was fit and correct at that time.

However, there was a negative side of that recommendation; most of the time 10-20% of  the sources on server purchased with thousand dolars and TLs were being used and the usage of these sources was rarely reaching 70-80% instantly.

Vendors that want to use these sources more effectively provided more prevalent usage by updating server virtualization technologies whose history goes back to 1970.

Thanks to this technology, by installing more than one virtual servers on physical servers, sources on these servers are used more effectively. In addition, power, cooling and datacenter expenses decrease. Today's popular topic cloud computing  services are also provided by virtualization technologies.

We provide solutions for customers installing their private clouds via virtualiation technologies.