Software Asset Management


How about taking the advantage of softwares in the best way?​​

What is SAM?SAM which is known as Software Asset Management worldwide is a consultancy service implemented by many firms worldwide and provided by us so that our customers are able to manage the software inventory they have in the best way. The aim of Microsoft SAM consultancy service is to help organizations constitute a dynamic IT system and to help them meet the demands of fast changing business environment and adapt new conditions comfortably. Thanks to the technology used, it helps organizations set course for developing the dynamic features of employees, processes, infrastructure and platforms. Thanks to SAM, on the basis of users, processes and technologies, we analyze whole software lifecycle process including all phases from software purchase to its installation, from support services to uninstallation of softwares out of use and help you position the most accurate model for your firm.

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What are the benefits of SAM?

Implementation of SAM is necessary to rationalize and reduce IT expenses, to use IT resources effectively, to ease IT business processes, to manage risks and to better corporate governance.

Cost Savings

• By providing central license management, central purchase and license discounts, it eases cost planning, budgeting and invoice payment.

• SAM optimizes software number. In addition to license costs, infrastructure, maintenance and management costs also decreases. By helping the departments such as finance and purchase understand IT needs better, expenses are also optimized.

• Organizations can reduce their expenses 30% in the first year of their SAM usage and in the following years 8% and 10%. (Yatırımın Geri Dönüşü: Yazılım Varlık Yönetimi’nin Finansal Faydaları by Gartner Research)

• SAM help you manage all of your softwares (and your hardware if you want), independent of vendor, professionally and during their lifetime.

• By increasing the visibility of your Information Technologies expenses, it helps you make a better budget planning for your foreseen expenses and purchases.

Corporate Governance

• Thanks to consistent, up-to-date and well-structured records, the situation of software assets becomes clear and it becomes easier to make strategic decisions about IT.

• With the development of IT processes the communication between departments increases and institution-wide transparency and performance increases.

• While increasing customer satisfaction, effective usage of softwares provides more effective support opportunity.

• Compatibility with the best applications such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO standards in the market is provided.

• Easy integration is provided between union, transfer and purchase.

• It enables you to answer the opportunities and customer demands in the market in shorter time period.

Risk Management and Compatibility

• Legal risks are prevented with up-to-date records of installed and purchased licenses.

• Technologies which are not supported are brought under control, security risks which can emerge due to updating deficiencies and unlicensed softwares can be prevented. In this way, data loss risk can be reduced to the least.

• By preventing unauthorized software downloading and installing, access of harmful codes and viruses is prevented.

How does SAM process proceed?

SAM, which is developed in accordance with the management processes of ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006, evaluates software management process in your corporation on the basis of objective criteria. In SAM work, it is proceeded in line with the needs of your corporation and by defining the maturity level, a road map for fields open to improvement is presented.

Core competencies specified in 5 categories below are taken into evaluation with the attendance of you and our SAM certificate experts. 


At the end of the evaluation, maturity level stated below is decided. For each competency there might be different maturity levels and also maturity level from which each corporation can take advantage effectively can differ.



This work will add plus value to the corporation because it helps present information technologies structure be in more secure and in a better managed environment.

Our customers that complete SAM Work gain Microsoft SAM Certificate which is valid for one year following the completion of the work. SAM Certificate is given only at the end of the work completed with certified SAM Business Partners.