​​​earsiv.jpgEconomically and securely e-archived billing service crowned with international certificates

E-Archive first showed up as Electronic Invoice Registration System (EFKS). EFKS removes the necessity of storing the second copy of the invoices in paper form on condition that some information in the invoices of the institutions and organizations are transferred to the Revenue Administration Presidency within the framework of determined application and data standards; Is also a pilot application that allows for the creation of secure electronic signature digital certificates of first copy invoices prepared for receivers.

It is also an electronic change of the flow of commercial documents (orders, invoices, shipment, etc.) among all the companies in the supply chain  by using International Standards and integrating with in-house applications.

Rather than being an e-billing solution by design, it has also been limitedly allowed to create the first copy of invoices as electronic signed pdf documents within the electronic archiving solution system.

Taxpayers must be integrated into e-Invoice Application within one year.

E-Archive Revolution in Electronic Commerce

The application from which taxpayers who have completed the compliance  process can initially benefit has become compulsory for all companies selling on the Internet as of January 1, 2016.

Along with the e-bill application, customers will be able to receive bills for internet shopping in a safer way, while avoiding false billing grievances.

Key Features of E-Archives in E-Commerce:

· It will provide cost advantages to e-commerce companies,

· E-commerce firms will completely get rid of printing, mailing and e-archive costs of paper bills,

· They had to keep the e-invoices for 10 years in paper environment before editing. According to regulations made by communique, e-commerce firms can now keep e-invoices electronically.

· Great facilities will be provided to the consumers,

· When people shop, their bills will be sent to their mobile phones or e-mail addresses,

· The bills to be sent may legally be stored as valid documents.

· Credit card sales information, can be paired with e-bills