Company Policy

Our understanding; When determining the human resources strategies and priorities, BBS considers the company's business objectives as well as the conditions specific to its field of activity.



A. Honesty

In all our business processes and relationships, integrity and honesty are our primary values. We act with integrity and honesty with our employees and with all of our stakeholders.


Confidential and proprietary information; covers information that may create disadvantages in terms of competition for Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, trade secrets, information on personnel personal rights and information on "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties.

As BBS; we take care to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers, employees and other interested parties. We maintain confidential information about the company's activities and use it only in the direction of the objectives of BBS; we share this information with the relevant persons only within the designated authorities.

For us, it is absolutely unacceptable for any commercial interest to be obtained through the leak of any confidential information belonging to BBS. While our employees are leaving from our company, they shall not remove confidential information and documents and regulations, etc..

C. Conflict of Interest

As BBS, we aim to avoid conflict of interest. By taking advantage of our duty; we do not obtain personal benefits from individuals or organizations we have business relationships directly, or through our family or through relatives. We are not in business activity based on an additional financial outcome other than work within BBS. We will avoid using the name of BBS for personal benefit.


D. Our Responsibilities 

Together with our legal responsibilities; we pay attention to fulfilling to our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our competitors, collecting, humanity the following responsibilities. 

1. Our Legal Responsibilities 

The BBS conducts all its activities and transactions within the framework of Turkish law and international law, and provides timely, complete and comprehensible information to legal regulatory agencies when necessary.
In carrying out all activities and transactions, all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative organizations, non-governmental organizations and political parties are equally spaced without any interest expectation and fulfill their responsibilities with consciousness.

The employment age at BBS is as specified in legislation, the employment of child labour is strictly prohibited, not supported, and internal audits carried out. This rule also applies to sub-contractors

2. Our Responsibilities to Our Customers 

BBS is focused on customer satisfaction and works with the needs and demands of its customers in the shortest possible time and with the most accurate manner and offers its services on time and with promised conditions; with respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy. BBS shares its labor, performance, ethics, environment, health and safety policies, practices and expectations to its clients through its website.

3. Our Responsibilities to Employees

BBS ensures full and correct use of employees' personal rights, commits to an honest and fair approach to employees, and maintaining a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. Forced, involuntary or slave labor is not used at BBS, materials and goods are not purchased from companies that do. Employees are never indebted to the company, employees are never charged deposits. BBS complies fully with legislation in the employment of groups such as apprentices, trainees and students. Adheres to the minimum age requirements stipulated in applicable laws and regulations. This rule also applies to subcontractors. The BBS will be free from discrimination and verbal or physical harassment. BBS allows employees to express their complaints without fear of retaliation and to resolve their concerns in an appropriate and timely manner. Employees may convey their wishes, complaints or ethical misconduct personally through the complaint box via letter or through employee representatives. The solutions of these issues are examined and concluded by the management. 

BBS fulfills the legal requirements for the health and safety of its employees, takes the necessary precautions to prevent all health and safety risks of the personnel, and promotes training opportunities and development to ensure occupational health and safety. Accordingly, an Employee Representative is also involved in BBS Occupational Health and Safety Committee.  

BBS does not place the employees of the company under any pressure. All employees are employed under equal conditions and in their appropriate positions with their own consent. We will also support voluntary social and community activities that will take the necessary effort for the individual development of the employees, with the awareness of social responsibility, and will observe the maintenance of the balance between business life and private life. Employees will be provided with all sorts of possibilities for ensuring that their basic needs are in hygienic conditions, and in a suitable working environment. Basic rights and freedoms (food, drink, break, toilet, etc.) of the employees of BBS are not restricted. Employees are always told their legal rights.

BBS arranges working hours as required by law, does not regularly use overtime and permits its employees two days leave a week. Recruitment, employment, placement, training, remuneration and promotion are based on ability, performance, skill and experience. Employees are paid according to the industrial and general employee market. The current wage will be in full compliance with the law on overtime payments for working hours. The use of employees' legal leave is absolutely ensured and controlled during the year and the annual leave is never converted to cash. 

4. Responsibilities to Our Suppliers 

A good customer will behave fairly and respectfully as expected, and we will demonstrate the necessary skills to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of the individuals and organizations we work with and our business partners. The BBS shares its labor, performance, ethics, environment, health and safety policies, practices and expectations with its suppliers through its website.

5. Our Responsibilities to Our Customers 

We effectively compete only in areas that are legal and ethical, and we avoid unfair competition. We support studies aimed at ensuring the targeted competitive structure within the community.

6. Our Responsibilities to Society and Humanity 

Protection of democracy, human rights, and the environment; education and charity, crime and corruption are very important to us. With a sense of being a good citizen, he acts sensitively as a pioneer in social issues; non-governmental organizations, services in the public interest, we try to take part in appropriate activities in these matters. products and services and we do not accept them.

7. Our Responsibilities to the BBS 

Our customers and other stakeholders trust us with our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep this reputation at the highest level. We offer our services in the framework of company policies, professional standards, commitments and ethical rules, and we show our dedication to fulfilling our obligations. We are committed to serving professionals in areas we believe to be and will be, and we intend to work with customers, business partners and staff that meet the criteria of fairness and legitimacy. We do not work with people who harm society's morality, harm the public and the health of the community. We express our views only in front of the public and in the fields where listeners are talking about our company. If we are confronted with complex situations that may leave BBS, we consult first with appropriate staff, appropriate technical and administrative consultation procedures.

Labor and performance reports are prepared every year in the BBS, checked by internal audits and shared with employees, customers and suppliers through the website.

In BBS, external financial audits are carried out and reported by independent audit companies 4 times a year within the quarterly periods of each current year. Audits include income-expenditure, profit-loss and investments realized in periods. 


A. Conflict of Interest Policy

It is essential for BBS employees to stay away from situations that could create conflict of interest. Avoiding company resources, name, identity and power for personal benefit, avoiding situations that negatively affects the reputation and image of the institution is the most important responsibility of all employees. The following guidelines set out the situations of conflicts of interest and the principles to be applied in those situations when employees are performing their duties or in private life due to business relations. 

1. Activities That Will Produce Conflict of Interest 

Employees are required to fully comply with the conditions and indicated principles that are shown below as the activities that can create a conflict of interest. BBS makes the necessary efforts with the aim of encouraging its employees to adhere to these principles.

a. Activities to Create Conflict of Interest 

Employees shall not enter into any business relationship that provides mutual or gratuitous benefits to their family members, friends or other third parties involved. Employees can not obtain any commercial interests, including the purchase or sale of stocks through the leakage of any information belonging to the company from inside, nor can they gain the interests of others. It is essential that employees are not engaged in work that requires direct or indirect means to be considered "merchants" or "trades" and that they do not work for wages or similar benefits for another person and / or organization within or outside of working hours under any name. BBS makes reminders for employees in these matters. However, employees should work for a wage or similar benefit for another person (family member, friend, other third party) and / or for the organization other than working hours;

* The company does not create a conflict of interest with its duty and BBS applications, 

* Do not create incompatibilities with other business ethics rules and policies that support these rules,

* Failing to adversely affect the Company's continuing duties, 

* The written approval of the management is required. 

Employees can not be board members or auditors in companies outside the BBS without the approval of the company's Board of Directors; competitors or companies in which the company has business relations. In profit-free organizations and universities, they may work in social responsibility and charitable missions with written approval of the management, provided that they do not disrupt their duties within the company. 

Employees can talk on matters that are not related to the company and its activities and that are not contrary to their policies, they can write professional writings. In order to use the company name in these activities, approval from the General Manager is required. 
BBS employees, individually and voluntarily, may actively participate in any political party. Administrators can not ask their employees to do a political task or become a member of a party. Employees' participation in any political party is subject to the following conditions and written approval of the management; 

* Employees should not engage in any political activity to create a conflict of interest with the company's duties, practices and approaches.

* Employees can not engage in any political activity during the working hours and can not take the time of their colleagues on these activities.

* Employees can not use company name, company position, title and company resources during their political activities.

* Employees may personally provide financial and moral assistance and / or donations to third parties outside the company, and may serve in charity associations.

b. Mission Abuse 

It is not acceptable for employers to damage the company by using their authorities for their own benefit and / or for the benefit of their relatives and not for the care given to them. 
Employees may not obtain personal benefits directly or indirectly from all transactions and contracts to which the company is a party to the purchase and sale activities.
Employees can not be found in acts and conduct contrary to moral, legal and corporate discipline.

c. Use of Resources 

In the use of resources to be made on behalf of the company, the interests of the company are taken into account. The company can not be used outside of company assets, facilities, and personnel company under any name and for any person's name and benefit without derogation. 

Proper use of resources for company benefit also requires timely use. Employees in business hours use time well and do not spend time in private business hours. Administrators can not assign employees to their personal work. 
No special visitors are allowed during working hours. Employees must complete a reasonable period of time in conjunction with the visit of the negotiations for the compulsory visit and in such a way as not to obstruct the flow of work.

d. Relations with Other Person (s) and / or Organizations in Company's Business Relationship 

The Company may not enter into private business relationships with its customers, suppliers and other persons and / or organizations in which the Company has a commercial relationship, can not receive personal borrowed money and / or goods / services and lends money and / or goods / services to other persons and / can not be served. 

The following issues are taken into account in relation to customers; even if it is in favor of the customer, no transaction can be made without customer information, even if it is in favor of the company, customer's weaknesses can not be utilized and the customer can not be profitable by giving incomplete or incorrect information. 
Company personnel shall not be able to demand or give gifts to other persons and / or organizations in which the company has business relationship; no gifts, money, checks, property, free holidays, special discounts etc. that will put the company under obligation. can not accept. No person or organization that has a business relationship with the company can accept donations. The Gift Acceptance and Grant Policy applies to the topic.

You can make speeches, interviews, seminars, conferences, etc. for any publishing organization. Participation as a speaker is dependent on the approval of the top management of the company. No personal gain can be obtained from these activities. The BBS reminds employees on these issues.


B. Gift Acceptance Policy

It is essential that BBS employees do not accept gifts or benefits that may affect their impartiality, decisions or behavior, and do not attempt to provide gifts and benefits to 3rd party individuals and organizations that may cause such effects. The principles of implementation described below regulate and implement the principles of implementation of gifts exchanges with third persons and entities in which company employees are involved in business relations. 

Application Principles

1. Company employees are prohibited from taking any kind of benefits or gifts with economic value, which may affect or influence their impartiality, performance and decision-making. 

2. Company employees; may receive and / or give gifts listed in the framework of the 3rd article, in accordance with the business objectives, in compliance with the applicable legislation and in the condition that the public will not put the company in a difficult position, and may accept to be subject to special application. 

3. Subject to the conditions specified in item 2; company employees can give and receive entertainment, catering and meals in acceptable business standards. In seminars and similar organizations attended by the company, the prize, shield, etc. gifts can be received. 

4. Bribery and / or commission is not acceptable under any circumstances. 

5. Company employees, suppliers, consultants, competitors or customers are not allowed to accept money or to borrow money, to cover travel expenses, activity expenses and similar payments.

6. The top management of the company will approve the gifts and promotional materials that may be given to the third parties that are related to the customer and business by the company. There is no need to obtain permission for the distribution of approved gifts and promotional items. 

7. The company may accept eligible products and services as a gift, provided that it complies with the conditions set forth in clause 2, and may, within the knowledge and affirmation of the senior management of the company, give gifts or products in accordance with the recipient's cultural and ethical values. 

8. In exceptional cases where local cultural values require the giving of mutual gifts over the values set in the company policy, these gifts can only be accepted on behalf of the company and with the approval of the company senior management. In all cases, the exchange of gifts should be done in accordance with the local culture.

C. Protection of Confidential Information Policy

Information is one of the most important assets that BBS will use to realize its vision. Effective use of information, sharing in the right direction and ensuring the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of information in this process are the shared responsibility of our company and its employees. It is important for our company that the management systems established for the management and confidentiality of information and the processes applied are in harmony with one another so that the community can benefit at the highest level. The following principles of implementation; defines confidential information for the company and organizes the principles employees need to comply with in regards to confidential information.

Application Principles

The confidential information includes but is not limited to information about the databases (processes, marketing, technical), business strategies, customers and suppliers, financial information, staff information, etc. that employees write, find, develop, , customer lists, specifications, potential and actual customers' identity, etc.  

The principles to be observed for confidential information are as follows: 

a. This information can not be disclosed to third parties unless it is compulsory to file it in accordance with official authorities and legislation.

b. This information can not be changed, copied or destroyed. The necessary precautions are taken to keep the information carefully, to store it, and to avoid it being released. Changes to the information are recorded with the date history.

c. Confidential files can not be removed from the company. Confidential information that should be removed from the company must be approved by the responsible person or senior management.

d. Passwords, user codes and similar identifying information used to access company information are kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone other than authorized users. 

e. Company secret information is not spoken in public dining halls, cafeterias, elevators, service vehicles and similar public places.

f. Confidential information is classified according to privacy ratings, which are clearly indicated in the content of this information. Company personnel know and comply with the confidentiality ratings of the information they obtain through their duties. When there is a hesitation in terms of the degree of confidentiality and when necessary, the opinion of the relevant manager is taken.

g. In the case of information sharing in the interest of the company, third parties and / or organizations should first sign a confidentiality agreement for the sharing of information or take the confidentiality of the written confidentiality from the other party in order to guarantee that these persons and organizations understand the security and protection of the shared information.

h. Unfounded statements and / or gossiping about persons or institutions can not be made.

i. Wage and personal information about the personnel that reflect the company policy and are private to the individual are confidential and can not be disclosed to anyone except the authorities. Personnel information is sent to the person specially. It is strictly forbidden for the staff to disclose this information to others or to press other employees to disclose information.

D. Creation and Maintenance of a Fair Working Environment  

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri considers the creation and maintenance of a fair working environment for its employees as one of its most important priorities. It is aimed at enhancing the success, development and commitment of employees through the creation of a fair, work-friendly, respectful, healthy and safe working environment in harmony with all relevant laws and regulations. The following guidelines set out the basic principles for the establishment and maintenance of a fair working environment in the company. 

Application Principles

1. Company practices are consistent with all applicable laws and regulations in force with respect to employment and working life. Company employees also fulfill all legal requirements within their scope of activity and act in accordance with legal regulations. 

2. BBS human resources policies and practices; recruitment, promotion, rewarding, rewarding, social rights and so on. all other applications are fair. 

3. It is not acceptable to discriminate among employees within the institution for reasons such as language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disabilities etc. 

4. A positive and harmonious work environment supporting the cooperation of the company is created and conflict situations are avoided so that people with different beliefs, thoughts and opinions work in harmony. 

5. The personal life and personal space of the employees are respected. 

6. BBS shares its policy on these issues with its employees.

Communications between persons can not be violated by non-parties. Even if recorded in accordance with the law, it is forbidden to give / spread / seize personal data. The personal files arising from the nature of the business relations in the workplace and which may be necessary in the continuation are not used except for the personal information purposes and are not shared with the third parties without the approval of the persons. All employees' personal and family life is respected. Physical, sexual and emotional integrity as well as all kinds of inviolability of employees are also observed. Any violation of their integrity by physical, sexual and / or emotional harassment in the workplace, or any place they are employed for business is against the law and ethical rules and is not tolerated in any way by this company. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that employees work in a business environment where physical, sexual and emotional integrity is protected. Sexual harassment is defined as the violation of the physical integrity of one person by sexual acts and / or the sexual harassment of a person without physical contact. According to this; it is forbidden to exhibit any behavior that can be evaluated within this definition. In addition, there is no tolerance to any complaints or complaints about harassment or to those who are in a negative state or behavior against those who have been informed or those who assisted in the investigation. 

7. No employee shall be entitled to any privileged practice, be privileged to anyone, or subjected to any special practice because of different gender, religion, language, race. Compromise can not be accepted by making use of differences such as gender, religion, language, race.

8. It is ensured that the workplace physical working environment and conditions are healthy and safe for all employees.


Employees can speak without using the company name, about the company activities, can write professional texts. Employees may personally provide financial and moral assistance and / or donations to third parties outside the company, and may serve in charity associations. Administrators can not assign employees to their personal work. Employees choose to work at Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri with their own free will. Employees have the right to freely withdraw from membership and to join the union without prior consent to protect and develop their economic and social rights and interests in working relationships. No one can be forced to join or leave a trade union. This issue is reviewed once a year at Management Review meetings, checked by ethical internal audits and corrective / preventive measures are taken for the next period when a negative situation is encountered.



The BBS has set out in detail the ethics-related policies and procedures, how we behave and how we should do our work. Compliance with these rules is the primary responsibility of all employees. In this direction, all BBS employees; 
Are required to act in accordance with laws and regulations in all circumstances, to read the BBS company policy, to know, understand and act on the rules, principles and values contained therein, to consult with the manager on potential violations related to him or others, to promptly report any violations of themselves or others ; monitoring “the ways and methods to be followed when deciding in an ethical way" defined in order to communicate their opinions in written or verbally to the manager in writing or verbally, to act in accordance with the rules and to help solve the problems, to cooperate in ethical investigations and to keep the information about the investigation confidential .

A. Paths And Methods To Be Followed When Making A Decision From an Ethical Point of View 

When you decide on an action plan, follow these steps as a guideline and ask yourself these questions: 

1. Identifying the Incident or Problem 

Did he want you to do something that you think might be wrong? Are you aware of a situation in the company that is potentially not legal or does not comply with its business ethics? Are you trying to make a decision and have doubts about how you should act in accordance with the ethics of doing business? 

2. Think Before Deciding 

* Try to summarize and clarify the problem or issue
* Ask yourself why it is a dilemma
* Consider the options and their consequences
* Think about who can be affected
* Consult others

3. Decide on an Action Plan

* Determine your responsibilities
* Monitor all relevant facts and information
* Apply appropriate company policies, procedures and professional standards
* Evaluate the risks and think about how you can reduce them
* Try to create the best action plan
* Consult others

4. Test Your Decision 

* Review ethical questions
* Review your decision in terms of your company's core values
* Make sure you consider company policies, laws and professional standards.
* Consult others and consider their views in the action plan you plan.

5. Continue with Determination 

* Share your decision with relevant people
* Share what you learn
* Share your success story with others

B. 4 Essential Questions to Consider

1. Does this behavior conform to laws, rules and traditions? 

2. Is this behavior balanced and fair? If somebody else did this, would we be uncomfortable? 

3. Will our company and our stakeholders be disturbed if all the details of this event are made public? 

* Would you be in a difficult situation or be embarrassed if others knew what you were doing with this behavior?
* Could it have negative consequences for you or your company?
* Who else may be affected (other employees in the company, you, etc.)?

4. To what extent does “perceived reality" overlap with "objective reality"? 

* What would a reasonable person think on the same terms?


BBS managers also have additional responsibilities beyond what is defined for those who work within the framework of the BBS company policy. Accordingly, managers are responsible for; 
* A corporate culture that supports ethical rules, and the creation and maintenance of the work environment,
* Practicing ethical rules as an example with their behavior, to educate their employees on ethical rules,
* Supporting employees who communication questions about ethical rules, complaints and notifications,
* Provide guidance on what to do when they are consulted, take into consideration all notifications communicated,
* Applying the necessary methods and approaches to ensure that the business processes under theirr responsibility are structured in a way that minimizes the risks associated with ethical issues and ensures compliance with ethical rules.


* The primary objective of the senior management of the company in relation to ethical issues is to reduce the number of problems and risks within the company to zero by training, auditing and improvement efforts. 

* Top management of the company; is responsible for the effective implementation of the BBS company policy and the creation of a culture in which it is supported. Company human resources are responsible for;

* Every year, conducting an ethical risk assessment and fulfillment of requirements,  

* To inform employees about Ethical Rules, to provide training in certain intervals in order to ensure understanding of policies and rules, and to ensure continuous communication with employees on this subject,

* Ensuring that new recruits at the company read and understand the company policy,


Company management is responsible for;

 - Ensuring the confidentiality of complaints and notices made under the Code of Ethics and protecting those who make such notices,
 - Ensuring the occupational safety of the individual making the notification,
 - Ensuring that complaints and notifications are investigated in a timely, fair, consistent and responsive manner and resolutely taking the necessary actions as a result of the violations.


Those who violate company policies and procedures will be subject to various disciplinary sanctions, which may result in termination of employment. Disciplinary sanctions shall also apply to persons who approve, direct or act on behaviors that cause noncompliance or inappropriate conduct, or who do not make the necessary notice in accordance with such information.


BBS will be subject to an internal audit every year by the Ethics Committee established within the company to ensure that company policies are controlled and improved. This audit will be reported and reviewed by the company management. This will also mean that we have to question ourselves at the same time.

Subject headings to be controlled in this context will be as follows;

1. Whether the basic freedoms of employees are restricted or not,

2. Appropriate employment and legal compliance of employees such as apprentices, trainees and students,

3. The legal compliance of working hours, overtime applications and remuneration,

4. With regard to discrimination and harassment, the functioning of policies and sharing with employees,

5. Whether or not employees are educated in ethical gift and bribery policy and unfair advantage in business relations,

6. Control of external financial audits,

7. Whether employees' legal rights are announced to employees,

8. Verbal harassment, physical harassment, visual harassment, psychological abuse, discrimination and fair treatment,

9. Control of the functioning of policies regarding human trafficking and slavery,

10. Control of employees' non-debt to the company policy,

11. Checking whether labor, performance reports are shared with employees, customers and suppliers,

12. Checking whether employees' legal leave rights are being used,

13. Whether the employees can reach the managers about ethical behaviors, complaints and suggestions and check whether these issues are resolved,

14. Checking whether the policies of the company are being audited by the managers, 

15. Control whether employees are union members or not,

16. Checking whether child workers are employed,

17. Control of employees being able to freely communicate their complaints,

18. Check whether the policies of the company are being audited by the managers


Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy 

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, as a requirement of laws and legislation with the understanding of Total Quality; has established the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy in order to protect and stand by its employees, customers and suppliers. 

Considering the Environment while Growing

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri uses technology and methods to keep the negative environmental effects to the minimum level whenever possible while planning new investments related to the activity field and developing technological infrastructure. 

Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness

Firstly, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri works to increase the awareness and sensitivity of employees about occupational health and safety and the environment.

Managing Risks

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri identifies the risks of occupational health and safety and environment in all its activities and prepares plans in this direction to take precautions to prevent environmental pollution, work accidents and occupational diseases before they occur. In this scope; Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri has established the Occupational Health and Safety Board and continues its activities with the support of the Occupational Safety and Workplace Physician, which it employs.

Leaving A Liveable World to Future Generations

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri will act not only considering today but also future generations.

Waste Recycling 

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, within the scope of waste recycling; pays attention to the use of recyclable materials and contributes to recycling with the support of the Municipality of Ataşehir. BBS, in addition, ensures that waste batteries are collected and sent to the relevant collection centers, and provides information to employees about the matter.

Follow Up

Information Accumulation Systems will aim to monitor and measure Occupational Health, Occupational safety and environmental performance. ​