System Security Solutions​

​​System Security Solutions​

System Management and Security Solutions with TIVOLIWhy Tivoli Service Management Software?

IBM Service Management provides visibility, control and automation that are required to assure qualified services, management of risk and compatibility standards, maximization of investment yield and acceleration of business growth. IBM Tivoli Softwares enables an IT enterprise to reduce total cost of ownership and to develop operational efficiency of IT infrastructure.

Our offerings:

Application Performance and Availability

Manage the availability and performance of your infrastructure, applications and business services.

Enterprise Asset Management

By managing all your asset types in only one platform, have higher efficiency in the field of asset management.

Security Management Software

Ensure the compatibility of your business, IT sources and services to control principles regarding identity and access.

Service Provisioning and Process Automation

Reduce the costs by automating tasks of modification, configuration, issue and asset management.

Service Management

Provide for institutions with innovation, application and leadership support on the issues of improving IT businesses and management.

Storage Management

Create a storage infrastructure with higher ability to respond and flexibility.

Softwares for Small and Midsize Enterprises

Reliable, scalable, secure IT management.


1. Tivoli Identity and Access Management

2. Data Backup & Restore Management

3. LDAP Directory Management

4. Tivoli Cloud Computing