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Outsourcing Staff Hold
We Offer You "Human Resources" Service to Simplify Your IT Business and Reduce Your Cost

Outsourcing Staff Hold

To minimize the challenges our customers face in managing their IT operations and to streamline their workflows, BBS offers various services. One of these services is the "human resources" service. By providing competent and experienced personnel tailored to our customers' needs, we assist them in efficiently executing their business processes. We select personnel with qualifications that meet our customers' expectations based on the criteria and requirements set forth. Additionally, we regularly organize training and development programs to enhance the performance and satisfaction of our existing staff.
Most of our contracted external resources work full-time, and we also offer flexible working options (such as one or two days a week) according to our customers' needs. This flexibility allows our customers to respond more quickly to changing workloads and demands.
Among the Outsourced Staffing Services provided by BBS are BBS Helpdesk and System Support services. These services offer both full-time and part-time working options, providing flexible solutions tailored to our customers' needs and budgets, thereby facilitating their operations and enhancing productivity.

  • BBS Helpdesk Outsourced Staffing Service Full Time
  • BBS Helpdesk Outsourced Staffing Service X Days a Week (X: as specified in the contract)
  • BBS System Support Outsourced Staffing Service Full Time
  • BBS System Support Outsourced Staffing Service X Days a Week (X: as specified in the contract)

At Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, customer satisfaction and trust are always our top priorities. While striving to provide the right solutions, we have been serving our customers for many years by adhering to the specified budgets and timelines. Please allow us to share our success stories and explore collaboration opportunities with you.
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