ScanPro Document Scanning and Indexing ApplicationScanPro Document Scanning and Indexing Application
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ScanPro Document Scanning and Indexing Application
Scan Your Documents Instantly with ScanPro, Accelerate Your Workflow

ScanPro Document Scanning and Indexing Application

It is a scanning-indexing application developed by BBS for daily or collective scanning of physical documents of organizations and easy and fast entry of special search criteria of the company. It integrates with Enterprise Content Management Systems, takes data from customer-owned systems when necessary, transfers scanned images to IBM FileNet or other systems with search criteria, and can initiate workflow according to document type.
  • Product Independent: Documents can be converted into structured and accessible information in just a few minutes, and saved in the corporate information pool using any scanner device.
  • Functional: Documents can be scanned directly from a scanner connected to the station or previously scanned files can be selected and processed.
  • Easy to Use: Documents scanned or uploaded as files are displayed as Thumbnails. When the thumbnail is selected, image operations such as rotate right, rotate left, zoom in, zoom out can be performed on the actual size of the document.
  • Batch Scan: Multi-page scanned images can be selected page by page and classified into different document types, and separate search criteria can be entered for each.
  • Automation: Data entry fields where search criteria are entered dynamically consist of customized document types defined in IBM FileNet. Automatic parsing and different processing options can be used according to the barcode information on the document.
  • Secure Access and Management: It can be used by people defined in Active Directory and authorized to use ScanPro. Each user can operate within the scope of the authorization given to him.
  • Customer Special Arrangements: As the application is developed by BBS, customer specific arrangements can be performed easily and conveniently.

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