Corporate Social Media Monitoring ManagementCorporate Social Media Monitoring Management
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Corporate Social Media Monitoring Management
Push Customer Satisfaction over the Top in Social Media with FollowX

Corporate Social Media Monitoring Management

Today, the size of competition in the sectors is undergoing a great change while the advantages offered by technology are diversifying. Organizations are willing to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet much more. They aim to obtain both their customers and prospective customers by using social media more effectively, and to carry out more focused and effective marketing activities. At the same time, they want to follow the comments made on social media about themselves and their competitors, to build facilities that increase satisfaction and to measure their marketing opportunities. FollowX is a social media monitoring and management application designed and developed by BBS to meet all these expectations.
  • Using a Single Interface: Content can be added to more than one social media channel (Linked-In, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with photo, picture or video attachments at once from a single interface for marketing, advertising, awareness activities or social responsibility activities.
  • Time Setup: It allows the content to be published automatically when it is prepared and when it will be published.
  • Automatic Data Collection from All Platforms: Feedback data such as likes, comments and criticisms about the published content are collected automatically.
  • Reporting: The data collected from social networks is reported through semantic-emotion analysis (relationship of meanings with other meanings) and positive-negative filters with graphic support thanks to Dashboards. In this way, access to the comments made is accelerated and performed easier to understand as they are analyzed.
  • Social CRM: It can be integrated with the current business systems of the organization and the movements of the customers or potential customers on social media can be followed. A healthier follow-up of processes such as complaint management, new opportunity creation and customer acquisition in the social media area of CRM is provided.
  • Social Listening and Quick Action: Regular listening is provided in the desired social networks thanks to the “keywords” defined in the system and the frequency of listening (once a day, every 12 hours, every hour, every 5 minutes). Positive and negative results about the company, product or competitors are reported by scoring. An automatic workflow is assigned to the relevant units for situations that require action or intervention.
  • Customer Special Arrangements: As the application is developed by BBS, customer specific arrangements can be made easily and conveniently.
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