PMEX Demand and Purchasing ManagementPMEX Demand and Purchasing Management
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PMEX Demand and Purchasing Management
Perform Your Purchasing Processes Easily with PMEX

PMEX Demand and Purchasing Management

PMEX (Purchase Management Extra) is a purchasing management application developed by BBS to enable organizations to manage their purchasing processes electronically. It ensures that the purchase requests are received through the approval processes, the proposals are collected and the purchase requests are converted into orders via the application and the suppliers are informed.
  • Easy Request Creation: It can easily make a request by creating a request form for product, service or project-based needs from the products drawn from the database of organizations.
  • Dynamic Purchasing Parameters: Purchasing parameters and criteria that may vary according to different purchase demands can be added or removed dynamically.
  • Dynamic Approval Processes: Different approval processes can be initiated according to the nature of purchase requests. Purchasing operations can be accelerated and time can be saved.
  • Change Tracking: Transactions performed during the purchase approval process can be easily tracked, and authorized users are informed of the changes via e-mail.
  • Easy Receiving Tender and Inspection: Offers can be requested from suppliers registered in the database of organizations in order to supply the created product demand. Requested offers are transferred to the content management system of the organization using search criteria and their examination is facilitated by using RPA technology.
  • Easy Purchasing Process: It can be selected and made through the evaluated offers, the approval and purchasing process can be started for the supply of the requested product.
  • Audit: Reports on approval processes and users can be easily accessed when requested or during the audit thanks to the recording (logging) of the traces of the work performed. All process information, such as who created the purchase request, when it was sent for approval, when it was approved, and who is waiting for approval, are stored together with the old and new values.
  • Secure Access and Management: Authorization is performed using Active Directory user, group and role definitions. Accordingly, access to the application, process tracking and authorizations to take action on the proposal are managed.
  • Customer Special Arrangements: As the application is developed by BBS, customer specific arrangements can be performed easily and conveniently.

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