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Software Solutions
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Software Solutions

BBS has a broad and expert software team specializing in business applications. This team has expertise in various areas such as digital automation, user identity and access management applications, CRM, and portals. With its extensive experience over the years, BBS aims to provide customers with "lasting solutions." These solutions are typically based on well-known software products like IBM and Microsoft, which are often market leaders.
Since the needs of each customer are different, BBS has the flexibility to offer customized solutions. Special developments can be made according to the requirements of projects and the desires of the customer. This way, customers can make their business processes more efficient and gain a competitive advantage.
BBS's experienced software support teams successfully carry out support services such as system updates and periodic maintenance. This ensures that customers' software systems remain up-to-date and operate smoothly. Additionally, comprehensive software solutions are provided to customers through software and licensing procurement services.