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Managed Services

Managed services is a service model that enables an organization to outsource the management and operation of its information technology infrastructure. This service model allows companies to make their IT operations more efficient, reduce costs, and delegate specialized tasks to expert service providers.
Information technology services are becoming increasingly widespread, and many companies are transitioning to managed services. These services may include various areas such as cloud computing, data management, network services, security services, support, and maintenance.
Particularly, large-scale companies and organizations are increasing their interest in managed services. These services enable companies to keep their IT infrastructures up to date, resolve issues quickly, and ensure business continuity.
Leave your core IT operations to BBS Managed Services team, which consists of a wide technical roster with vertical expertise. While we implement the most suitable solutions for your IT systems, let your team focus on projects that will add value to your company. Let's manage your IT systems together through monitoring systems, monthly reports, and evaluation/improvement meetings.
If you approve, we would like to visit you and design a special service for you.
We provide the following services according to customer needs.
  • Help Desk Management
  • Field Support Services Management
  • Managed Services (NOC & SOC)
  • Managed SIEM Service
  • 7x24 Network & System Monitoring and Intervention Service
  • 7x24 SIEM monitoring and intervention
  • 7x24 EDR monitoring and intervention
Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri believes that offering the "right solution" to the customer is the greatest value. It has been serving in this field for years, aiming to stick to the determined project budget and deliver it on time. Please allow us to contact you so that we can promote our work and provide information about BBS Managed Services.

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