Network Virtualization (NSX)Network Virtualization (NSX)
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Network Virtualization (NSX)
Obtain Agility, Security and Economic Benefit with Network Virtualization and Security Platform VMware NSX

Network Virtualization (NSX)

VMware NSX® is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and provides the operating model of a virtual machine for all networks. Network functions are added with NSX to the hypervisor, including switching, routing, and firewall and distributed in the whole environment. This effectively establishes a “network hypervisor” that acts as a platform for virtual networking and security services. Virtual networks are provided programmatically similar to the operating model of virtual machines and managed independently of the underlying hardware. NSX makes it possible to create and provision any network topology in seconds, including simple and complex multi-communication networks by recreating the entire network model in software. Users can create multiple virtual networks with various requirements by benefiting from a combination of services offered through NSX to create more secure environments.
Key Advantages
  • Micro-segmentation and fragmental security for individual workloads
  • Reduced network lead time from days to seconds and better operational efficiency through automation
  • Workload mobility within and between data centers independent of physical network topology
  • Enhanced security and improved network services through an ecosystem of leading third-party providers
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