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BBS - Darktrace - Komtera Roundtable
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BBS - Darktrace - Komtera Roundtable

On Thursday, May 23, we held an event at Radisson Blu Asia Hotel where we talked about the Cyber Artificial Intelligence Cycle with our valued business partners Darktrace, Komtera Technology and our valued guests. In this event, we focused on the concept of Network Detection and Response (NDR), discussing what NDR is, how it works, and why our need for this technology is increasing. This event, which we held together with Darktrace, provided participants with the opportunity to provide in-depth information about new approaches and technologies in combating cyber threats. It was emphasized that NDR plays a critical role in network security and is an important defense mechanism for organizations. During the event, we had the opportunity to understand the concept of the Cyber Artificial Intelligence Cycle more deeply and created an interactive environment with questions and answers.
We would like to thank all our guests and our valued business partners Darktrace and Komtera for their participation in this valuable event. We believe that our future cooperation will continue to grow stronger.