Kimlik ve Erişim Yönetimi (IDM-IAM) Kimlik ve Erişim Yönetimi (IDM-IAM)
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Identity and Access Management (IDM-IAM)
Institutions that Give Importance to Identity and Access Security Prefer IBM Security Identity and Access Manager (ISIM) Solution

Identity and Access Management (IDM-IAM)

Identity and access management (IDM-IAM) programs provide security and risk managers with comprehensive applications, processes, and technologies to manage the identities and entitlements of individuals, services, and objects.
Identity and access management (IDM-IAM) is essential for security and regulatory compliance. You can make this challenge easier with the support, right skills, and strategy from BBS identity and security experts to help you design and manage solutions in hybrid cloud environments and leading IAM products platforms.
BBS prefers the IBM Security Identity and Access Manager (ISIM) solution for its Corporate projects that it serves for organizations.
Protect your business: Make sure the right people have the right access and authenticate users at login and throughout their session. You will use AI to uncover anomalies and potentially harmful combinations of authorizations to make smarter, more informed decisions to change users' access.
Enable digital transformation: Quickly gain access to resources and applications, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid cloud. Whether you provide access to corporate users, privileged administrators or consumers, you can deliver the seamless experience your users expect.
Ensure compliance: Regulations change constantly. Today SOX, GDPR and PSD2 will be in effect, tomorrow there will be others. You can centrally manage certificates of access, attendance and departures, segregation of duties violations, and be prepared to meet new regulations enacted in this way. It helps you ensure that compliance management is achieved and maintained in a more systematic way.

With IBM Security Identity and Access Manager
  • It provides a seamless and secure experience for every user, entity, and data interaction by forming the basis of smart, modern identity solutions, and trust.
  • Design engaging, modern and secure digital experiences for external users, whether customers, prospects or citizens. Position your organization to properly identify and manage a consumer identity program.
  • Give access rights, provide single sign-on from any device, increase security with multi-factor authentication, enable user lifecycle management, protect privileged accounts, and more.
  • Helps reduce your costs of improving audit findings.

BBS has been successfully providing the following services to its customers for many years with its experienced and competent software team.
  • System Setup
  • Cluster Configuration
  • System Administrator and End User Trainings
  • Health-check
  • System Migration
  • Version Update
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Consulting & Application Development
  • Integration
  • Performance Monitoring and Monitoring
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