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Contribution of BBS Digital Automation Products to the Insurance Industry
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Contribution of BBS Digital Automation Products to the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation continues to spread in all sectors without losing the speed it has gained in recent years. One of the sectors that has been affected by this change and transformation is insurance.
While the legal obligations that have been put into effect continue, insurance companies are increasing their investments in digital transformation day by day.
BBS distinguishes itself from its competitors by successfully providing the advanced digital solutions needed by businesses in this ever-evolving and growing market.

1.     Past and Present of the Insurance Industry

Insurance is a financial tool that emerges to compensate for the loss that occurs in the event that possible risks become reality. Insurance companies are the intermediaries that enable these processes to be managed and processed, and they run their business with the help of their employees.
Insurance industry employees, who in the past wasted time with tedious copy-paste and data entry tasks, nowadays manage processes focused on customer experience with the help of digital automation.

2.     What Has Digital Automation Transformed In The Insurance Industry?

While digital automation increases the customer experience; It is an automation method that makes it possible to reduce costs and process cycle times. While all these factors for which solutions are found are the main problems of the insurance sector; evolves into strengths with the skill of automation.
A brief look at what digital automation has contributed to the insurance industry:
Employment leads the development factors in the insurance sector, as in all sectors. The employee not spending hours on copy-paste and data entry tasks allows them to focus more on and improve the customer experience.
Of course, the transformation cannot be expected to be one-dimensional. Technological transformation spans the entire IT infrastructure, connecting different processes.
Regardless of the industry or service, what customers care most about and feel valued is a personalized experience. By closing the gap between employee and customer, a personalized service is revealed.
With digital automation, it is of course possible to transform business, access profitability and adapt to market conditions in the insurance industry, but these conditions can only be achieved with the right system integrator. In this regard, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri makes the most valuable contributions to insurance processes.
3.    BBS' Experience in IBM Digital Automation Products
With IBM's industry-leading automation software and services, BBS digitally transforms its customers' workforce and brings improvements in workflows with its experience in this field.
It makes it possible to save time while bringing the return on investment promised by IBM software to businesses.

3.1 FileNet Content Manager

FileNet software, operating within IBM, organizes the content and business processes of businesses. Companies and government agencies around the world automate records management to meet their content access, management and compliance needs.
So how does FileNet accomplish this? Digitize physical documents in paper form
are tagged, archived and included in business processes with smart algorithms. All incoming and outgoing documents belonging to the institution are archived and stored according to their authorization levels. While the approval process of individual, corporate and commercial loans is carried out, the relevant documents are archived and securely stored. Call center phone call recordings are also securely stored in the IBM FileNet system.
BBS attaches importance to the uninterrupted and integrated progress of all processes for its customers. For this purpose, some special integrations are implemented. National Judicial Network Information System (UYAP) documents are kept and legal practices are integrated.
Integration with the main insurance systems is provided in the elementary, health, life and life pension branches. This makes it possible for processes to proceed simultaneously and harmoniously with each other. A complete process management is provided by keeping and managing all documents and contents of policy, damage and compensation processes.

3.2 BBS Custom Applications

Comex: Successfully monitors and manages the entire contract process. It provides the business with digital tracking and contract access capabilities within authorization.
E-Mail Listener: It determines the e-mail addresses determined by the institution and sends it to FileNet with their attachments. Incoming e-mails are listened and archived with the “BBS E-Mail Listener” application. Archiving of MS Exchange system is provided with FileNet and ICC for e-Mail solutions.
BBS ScanPro: The barcodes on the scanned document are read and transferred to FileNet. This transferred information is transmitted to the main insurance package and processed.

3.3 How Does Datacap Benefit Processes?

Existing physical documents are scanned and valuable insurance related data is extracted from the document with Datacap. As such, it is transferred to FileNet and the main insurance packages.
It automatically detects the document type and reads the data from the document and transfers it to the core system. It automatically classifies different document types and saves them to the document management system. In this way, documents are separated in a short time.
With Rest API, which provides data and file exchange via URL addresses, documents can be parsed and the data on the document is transferred to the system.
The existence of the signature is easily checked in the signature boxes. It can be used in integration with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Data can be extracted from the document template in certain formats produced by the institution.
Datacap converts documents into Searchable PDF files, which are likewise stored in the Document Management System.
In summary, documents in paper format are digitized with the help of Datacap. The digitized documents are automatically classified, indexed, saved in the document management system and the core application is triggered.

4. How does Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri Make a Difference in the Insurance Industry?

BBS, which has the technical certifications of IBM Digital automation product family products, manages all consultancy relations as well as its ability to provide first-level support to its customers on Filenet and Datacap.
Support requests from users are meticulously examined and the entire process is expertly managed until resolved. Additional patches and workarounds are also applied to them for quick action.
For an effective transformation in the insurance sector, please get information from the expert BBS staff.
Software Business Development Manager-IBM