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When Will My Robot Say "Grandma, It's Time for Medication"?
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When Will My Robot Say "Grandma, It's Time for Medication"?

Nowadays, as technology advances rapidly, robots are becoming more integrated into many areas of our lives. So, what if robots one day become members of our family? In this article, I will examine how Turkish chatting home robots can be used in areas such as elderly care, children's education and entertainment in the near future, and the role of Turkish language models in this field.
Turkish Chatting Home Robots in the Near Future
I see a high probability that home robots that can speak Turkish and chat naturally with family members will become widespread in the near future. These robots can perform a variety of tasks, such as reminding seniors about their medications, doing household chores, and chatting. They can also help children with things like reading books, playing games, and helping with homework.

Elderly care
As our family structure changes and the elderly population increases, elderly care becomes an important problem. Turkish chatting home robots can help elderly people live happier and independent lives by reducing their feelings of loneliness and meeting their daily needs.
Children's Education and Entertainment
Home robots can educate children on a variety of subjects, including language development, math and science. It can also help children have fun, such as reading books, playing games and telling stories. In the old days, these duties belonged to grandmothers and grandfathers, and I consider myself lucky to have had that experience. However, over time, our family structure and needs have changed and continue to change.
Status of Turkish Supported GPT Models
GPT models refer to texts generated by artificial intelligence. These models have also started to support our language. Turkish GPT models will play an important role in the development of Turkish chatting home robots.
Possible Things to Consider
Some ethical and technical issues may also arise with the use of Turkish chatting home robots. For example;
Content Security: It is important that the texts and narratives produced by robots do not contain harmful or inappropriate content.
Protection of Personal Data: Personal data collected by robots must be stored and protected securely.
Elderly care:
o Lack of Time and Energy: Elderly care is a process that requires time and energy. Although home robots can help in this regard, they cannot fully replace the human factor, but they can help.
o Emotional Needs: Elderly people need human contact to reduce feelings of loneliness. Robots cannot fully meet this need.
Children's Education and Entertainment:
o Quality of Education: Home robots are limited in terms of quality and accuracy when teaching children. They cannot completely replace human teachers, they can serve in a supporting role.
o Risk of Addiction: Children may develop addiction when interacting with robots. It is important to maintain balance.
o Parental Control: Children's interaction with robots requires parental supervision. Content and security issues must be taken into account.
In both cases, the advantages and risks of the technology must be carefully evaluated. Although home robots do not completely replace the human factor, they can be helpful in the field of elderly care and child education when used correctly.
It is possible and necessary to develop legal regulations and technical infrastructures to solve these problems. There are no concrete regulations in our country yet, I think these studies should be initiated by the state and non-governmental communities.
Home robots that chat in Turkish may become an important part of our lives in the near future. These robots can perform a variety of tasks, such as assisting the elderly and children, doing household chores, and chatting. It is important to evaluate these developments from an ethical and technical perspective and take the necessary precautions.
I wanted to present a vision of how Turkish chatting home robots could be used in the near future. It is important to follow developments in this field and ensure that this technology is used responsibly.

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