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Your Processes in Focus
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Your Processes in Focus

In the last 1-2 years, process mining has started to take its place rapidly in the world of digital transformation and hyperautomation. Now, institutions are not only digitizing their processes, but they are also engaged in research on how we can make these processes more smooth, how we can identify the bottlenecks and provide solutions.
At this very point, Process Mining helps to give us the necessary clues at the point of scrutinizing all our processes in the digital environment.
We can draw a model map of that process based on 3 very basic information about processes (Process singular number, action in the process and date of action). Through this model, the frequency map guides us to the details of which step of the process is visited, how often, and which step is visited the most. However, in each step, it is possible to obtain critical information such as the average number of pending jobs and the number of personnel employed.
It is possible to reach different outputs if the information about the person involved in this process is included in addition to the 3 basic information mentioned above, which are required to model the process. That is, if the approximate duration of each step in the process and the man/hour costs of the individuals are entered, how much money is spent on each step of the process and the end-to-end drying cost of the process are calculated within minutes.
In order to improve and accelerate the process, simulations can be made using existing process data. Thanks to these simulations, it can be observed how much of a gain will be achieved in terms of human resources, time and cost if we place robots instead of people or which step we put robots in.
Review your processes with an expert team in order to bring your processes to the maximum efficiency point and to position the RPA technology, which has been a very popular topic of recent years, in the right process in the organization, at the right step in the process, and to obtain maximum benefit.
Müjdat Mutlu 
IBM Software Business Applications Manager