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AgeSa Success Story
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AgeSa Success Story

BBS adds speed and efficiency to both AgeSA's document management processes and identity management processes.

By positioning IBM Filenet as the central document management system and IBM Security Verify Governance for the Identity Management system, BBS and AgeSA not only improved the server architecture, but also enabled the system to be automated and free from human error by operating on a common infrastructure with the new systems designed. has been made.
Efficiency was also achieved in integration processes with other applications.

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri (BBS) is a company that has been among the leading IT companies in the sector since 1992 and stands out with its activities in the field of software, hardware and services. Positioned as a competent system integrator with its expert staff who have embraced digital transformation, BBS carries out its basic activities under the headings of Server & Storage Solutions, System and Network Infrastructure Solutions, Integrated Communication Solutions, Information Security Solutions, Professional Services, Consultancy Services and Software Solutions. Thus, it offers 360-degree support in the fields of information architecture and digitalization.
As an integrator providing services to many companies in Turkey, BBS is the business partner of many international manufacturers in Turkey, and as one of the leading solution partners in IBM's hardware and software infrastructure, it has been working in the insurance industry for more than 10 years, as well as IBM's Digital Automation product. It carries out projects with products in both its family and IBM's Identity Management product family.

Aims to Grow with a Sustainable Structure Both the remote working model that has become established with the effect of the pandemic and the fact that digital transformation has become mandatory in terms of competitiveness have revealed the need for customers to transform and strengthen their IT infrastructures. BBS had a very successful year 2022 thanks to its capacity to comprehensively respond to these needs with its 6 separate business units. This year, BBS ranked 11th in the System Integrator and Business Partner category in the Bilisim 500 rankings, rising seven places. This serious leap is an indication of the inclusiveness of the company and that it has created a very healthy structure.
BBS's main goal for 2023 and the next medium-term period is; It was determined to continue this growth, to deepen by expanding the solutions it has among the new customers it acquired, to create perfect customer satisfaction while doing this and, of course, to do this with a healthy and sustainable structure.

30 Million Documents Moved to Higher Performance Systems

The collaboration between AgeSA and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri dates back to 2017. In the process that started with the request to replace the 15-year-old document management system used by the institution with a more modern system, IBM's Filenet product was positioned and approximately 30 million documents were moved to the more advanced content management system located at the center of the institution, with zero interruption and without being noticed by the users.
The most critical goal for AgeSA in the transition to a new system from a system that is older than IBM Filenet and has problems with support; The aim was to transfer documents to IBM Filenet in a short time with zero interruption and without users feeling it. A significant part of the project was devoted to analysis. After creating the required document types and metadata, the transition process, which was the second critical phase of the project, was successfully completed with the transfer of approximately 30 million documents to the new system in 2 months.


Authorization-Based Secure Access to Systems was Provided Thanks to Identity Management

The collaboration, which started in 2017 with the IBM Filenet (IBM CloudPak for Automation) product, continued with the Identity Management Project, which started in 2019 in partnership with IBM - AgeSA and BBS. IBM Security Verify Governance, IBM's Identity Management product, has provided an important integration at this point. Thus, relevant units of AgeSA are also integrated.
By combining the authorities in the systems with human resources data, it has become possible to provide secure access to the relevant people in the company based on the relevant systems and their authorizations. This reduced access-related risks and strengthened system and information security as a whole.
The first goal of AgeSA, which has a multi-employee structure with its Identity Management project;

The aim was to be able to analyze which systems accessed by end users with what authorizations, to easily find and report unauthorized accounts and to control access risks. Thanks to the IBM Security Verify Governance product, which brings together business units and technical teams on a single platform, the authorization and de-authorization processes on the systems used by an employee from the moment they enter the job until the moment they leave work can be automatically managed and reported when necessary.


Teamwork Brought Success

In this comprehensive investment effort, AgeSA and BBS teams acted as a 'team' in both projects. The success achieved both during and after the project was achieved by handling and undertaking the project as a team. This kind of cooperation enabled the projects to be delivered on a healthy and common level, as well as to be completed more quickly, and thus enabled AgeSA to achieve the targeted efficiency from its investment in a short time. By positioning IBM Filenet as the central document management system, AgeSA not only improved its server architecture but also reduced hardware and maintenance costs. With the new system designed, coding and code maintenance costs have decreased, and the system's integration processes with other applications have accelerated, as the system operates on a common infrastructure. Thanks to the integration with other applications in AgeSA, end users can quickly access not only the insurance package but also the content they use in other systems.
Thanks to the IBM Security Verify Governance project, the digital identities that AgeSA users access in different systems are managed on a single platform, while the history of authorization and authorization processes can be tracked and reported. Authorization processes, which were previously followed manually, are now triggered by HR data upon the entry of an employee and are automated and free from human error. In addition to the completion of the projects subject to both investments in a short time, the BBS IBM Business Applications team continues to provide maintenance support services for both centrally located products and to provide continuous cooperation with additional consultancy requests when necessary.

The goal is to continue the long-standing cooperation

BBS defines its main goal as a system integrator as 'to create a structure that can perfectly respond to the digital transformation needs that inevitably arise in its customers, and to become a company that can quickly sense the changes in these needs over time and transform itself accordingly'. For this purpose, its basic strategy and planning is to be constantly in the field in order to perceive the needs of the customer correctly and to enrich the solution portfolio by closely following the solutions of the manufacturers, especially in the field of developing software technologies, information security, AI and IoT.
BBS sees it as its most important goal to continue this beautiful and productive collaboration with AgeSA, which has been going on for many years. While BBS continues this collaboration, it aims to provide the right technologies to AgeSA as a reliable solution partner in line with AgeSA's developing and changing needs in the future. In this regard, adapting and continuing the expansions of both IBM Filenet Document Management System and IBM Security Verify Identity Management products, which are centrally located in the institution, according to AgeSA's changing infrastructure and security needs, constitute BBS's top priority for the remainder of 2023. IBM Process Mining, which has come to the fore as an integral part of the automation product family, is just one of the issues that will shape the investment agenda for 2024. These investments, which provide significant benefits to AgeSA in terms of both digital transformation and security and are the result of the efficient cooperation of AgeSA and BBS teams, and ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction in parallel with the success achieved are of great importance for BBS. BBS aims to work with AgeSA in the coming period and to provide support to AgeSA's developing infrastructure in terms of both automation and security.