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Transactions are More Practical and Easier with E-Ledger


We offer our customers the e-Ledger application, one of the innovative and common products developed with the solution-oriented approach of our strong solution partner datasoft from a single source in a fast and reliable way.
The ERP application works independently and provides full integration as long as the accounting program used permits.

Application Features and Benefits
  • Performance tests have been completed and your fast and reliable ledger preparation process is provided.
  • Not affected by ERP version transitions.
  • You do not need to re-purchase the e-Ledger application in case of an ERP change.
  • Economic price and support packages are available.
  • Printing, approval, shipping and storage processes are eliminated and costs are reduced.
  • Transactions can be performed independently of the location.
  • It is created fast, time loss is reduced.
  • Problems such as loss and destruction are eliminated since there is no physical archiving.
  • Labor savings and efficiency are achieved.
  • Human errors are eliminated to the maximum extent.
  • Audits are performed quickly and easily in electronic environment
  • Instant financial status information is easily accessible
  • It provides a common format and standard for audits and inter-agency information sharing.
  • Special fiscal period range can be defined.
  • It notifies the relevant users as soon as the legal period approaches for e-ledgers that need to be notified within legal periods.
  • It can generate dynamic reports.
  • It is integrated with enterprise application and commercial software. It prevents disconnection in financial processes.
  • It can report in XBRL format in international standards.
  • Approved books and certificates are securely archived for a legal period of 10 years.

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