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E-Archive Invoice
Datasoft E-Archive Invoice, Fast and Easy to Use

E-Archive Invoice

We offer our customers the e-Archive Invoice application, one of the innovative and common products developed with the solution-oriented approach of our powerful solution partner datasoft from a single source quickly and reliably.
E-Archive first appeared as Electronic Invoice Recording System (EFKS). EFKS is also an application that eliminates the obligation to keep the second copies of the invoices as paper, and allows the creation of the first copy invoices prepared to be given to the recipients in the form of digital documents with secure electronic signature provided that some information in the invoices issued by institutions and organizations is transferred to the Revenue Administration system within the framework of the determined application and data standards.
It is the electronic exchange of the commercial document flow (order, invoice, waybill, etc.) between all companies in the supply chain using International Standards and integrating with in-company applications.
The creation of first copy invoices as PDF documents with electronic signature is also allowed in a limited way in the system, which is an electronic archiving solution rather than being an E-Invoice solution by design.
E-Archive Transfer in Electronic Commerce
As of January 1, 2016, the application, which can be used by taxpayers who have completed the compliance process, has become mandatory for all companies selling over the internet. Customers are able to obtain their invoices for their internet shopping in a safer way with the e-Invoice application, while victimization of fake invoices has been prevented.

Advantages of E-Archive in Electronic Commerce
  • Cost: Printing, postal and archiving costs of paper invoices are completely eliminated and stored electronically at low cost.
  • Security and Risk: Having the opportunity to be stored more reliably and for a long time in the e-invoice environment during the 10-year storage requirement of paper invoices avoiding risks such as fire, flood, disappearance or falling into the hands of persona non grata.
  • Easiness: Elimination of the difficulty of finding the paper invoice in the physical archive and providing fast and very easy access in the electronic environment.
  • Practicality: Electronic delivery of invoices to mobile phones or e-mail addresses when customers make purchases.
  • Legal Obligation: Keeping the sent invoices as a legally valid document. Opportunity to match credit card sales information with e-invoice information when necessary.

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