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CoMex Contract Management
Manage All Your Contracts Electronically More Reliably with Comex

CoMex Contract Management

CoMex (Contract Management Extra) is a contract management product improved to enable organizations to manage and store all their contracts electronically as current and new contracts.
  • Advanced and Easy Search Based on Authority: You can easily access the stored/archived contracts according to their type, category and versions, within authorization with  the smart search system.
  • Dynamic Contract Parameters: You can dynamically add and remove contract clauses and criteria that may vary according to different contract types.
  • SLA Term Tracking: You can define automatic SLA periods for contract-based or department-based contracts. You can eliminate the slowdown and loss of time that may occur in contract processes.
  • Automatic Reminders: Automatic alert e-mails about expired contracts are sent over the system. An automatic warning and reminder message is sent to users and authorities regarding contracts that need to be renewed and contracts that remain in the approval chain for more than a certain day.
  • Performance reports: You can measure the performance of different departments and your company lawyers to acquire the contracts at the final stage, and get performance reports.
  • Change Tracking: You can easily track the history of changes performed during approval or changes performed between versions.
  • Audit and Internal Compliance: You can access reports on contracts and users when requested due to the logging of the work performed. You can store all information with old and new values, such as who created the contract, who updated the index information about the contracts, when it was sent for approval and approved, and who is waiting for approval. You can keep the contracts according to the critical items in them, and you can easily access the desired contracts during the audits.
  • Secure Access and Management: You can store each contract and its attachments by being authorized on the basis of user, group and role, and archive them in accordance with Personel Data Protection Law.
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