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Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, which has been operating since 1992, provides qualified services in many areas included information security solutions, outsourcing services, network infrastructure solutions, and maintenance and support agreements. BBS, which composes the basis of the information technology sector, has worked with companies that are the giants in the sector both in Turkey and around the world with its studies on hardware, software and service areas, produces need-based, advanced solutions with its experts.

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Our greatest honor is the confidence our customers have in us.


Our Competencies

ISO 27001:2022 (TR)
ISO 20000-1:2018 (TR)
KP-001-Quality Policy (TR)
TSE Penetration Test (TR) 2024
TSE-HYB Service Qualification Certificate (TR)

Our Awards

Our studies aiming to provide solutions ahead of the times and to take our country's information technologies one step..

2024 - Growth Partner of the Year 2023 Expert

2024 - Growth Partner of the Year 2023 Expert

2024 - Highest Growing Business Partner of the Year

2024 - Yılın En Çok Büyüyen İş Ortağı

2024 - The Fastest Growing Automation Solution Partner of the Year

2024 - Yılın En Hızlı Büyüyen Otomasyon Çözüm Ortağı

Differentiating Partner

2024 - Farklılaşan İş Ortağı

2024 - Differentiating Project

2024 - Farklılaşan Proje

2024 - Fastest Growing Partner

2024 - En Hızlı Büyüyen İş Ortağı

2023 - Fast Growing Partner of the Year

2023 - Yılın Hızlı Büyüyen İş Ortağı

2023 - Enterprise Rising Partner of the Year

2023 - Yılın Yükselen Kurumsal İş Ortağı

2023 - VMware

2023 - VMware

BBS works to help businesses around the world achieve their goals, each success story has irreplaceable value.

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